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Jill, Spokesbot for PAYMENTS2019

This installment of Backstage Pass takes you behind our own curtain, in a candid and convivial conversation with the O’Keefe video superwomen – Tina Hoffmann and Asia Taylor.

In Part One, we discuss how intention and purpose drive every new project. We divulge our collaborative creative process – how we, as producers, directors, and editors with vast and varied skillsets, team up to bring ideas to life. How can we, as artists, craft original work (that challenges, engages, and excites us) within the parameters of a client’s goals and interests?

Meet Jill, Spokesbot for PAYMENTS2019

In Part Two, Asia and Tina share takeaways from the NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) 2019 Show in Vegas. We consider how our team might implement cutting-edge technology to innovate our creative approach. How can we, as creators, use this new technology to tell stories with a purpose?

Technology is exciting but, as Tina says, audiences still seek connection to authenticity. Tina was impressed by MetaStage – a company creating volumetric video, and first US partner for the Microsoft Mixed Reality Capture system (*side bar: stay tuned for our upcoming interview with CEO Christina Heller!) Asia was most compelled by seminars and classes geared towards video editors. Technology without technique, Asia contends, is emotionless design.

We had a blast chatting with Tina and Asia; let us know your thoughts on new technology, audience engagement, and creative authenticity. Tweet us @Pod6Stories or message us on instagram @Pod6Stories.

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