Ep. 1 | ARt

ARt: Storytelling in Augmented Reality!

On this inaugural episode of Six Degrees of Storytelling, co-hosts Rachel Schwerin and Brittney Lanni are joined by special guests Cyrene Q (@CyreneQ), a social media artist, influencer and author, and Nancy Baker Cahill (@4thwallapp), multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall.

Over the course of the episode we discuss the potential to create enriched experiences through augmented art. We discuss how augmented reality has evolved to be a new creative medium, enabling stories and shared experiences to be democratized.

We explore how augmented art opens doors to creating contextually-powerful public art, through existing social platforms like Snapchat, or emerging mobile platforms such as 4th Wall and Coordinates, enabling artists to flip the script on age-old paradigms.

More about our guests:
Cyrene Quiamco, better known as CyreneQ, is a social media artist, influencer and published author. She is known for creating art on Snapchat. Her art takes her audience in whimsical adventures as she overlays doodles and augmented reality on her videos. Quiamco’s work has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, Business Insider and Mashable.

Nancy Baker Cahill is a multi-disciplinary artist and founder of 4th Wall, a free Augmented Reality (AR) app which allows users to place art in 360 degrees anywhere in the world. She also created the
ongoing, collaborative, AR public art exhibition Coordinates, a new feature on her app, which allows individual artists to activate their work in site-specific locations.


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