Backstage Pass | Tim Zanker

On this very special installment of Backstage Pass, we sit down with Tim Zanker, President of O’Keefe Communications (and, of course, our boss!) for an expert’s insider perspective on technology and storytelling in live event production.

Tim Zanker
O’Keefe Communications

We travel back in time to catch a glimpse of live events before the technology that dominates our production systems and processes existed, and learn about Tim’s fascinating and often-unpredictable path from fine arts major to roving lighting director and stage manager to the fearless leader of our spectacular creative production team, and owner of a thriving company. We talk about how the industry has and continues to change, and what matters most when introducing new technology into live event production. Hear how Tim saved the day (on more than one occasion), using experience, intuition, clear communication, and blind faith, turning a potential production nightmare into a magnificent live experience. Finally, we ask Tim how one sustains not only a strong team and solid brand, but also one’s personal and emotional self as a professional in live event production.

Tune into the conversation for insider insights and inspiring stories with Tim Zanker on Six Degrees of Storytelling: Backstage Pass.

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